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Jalapeno Ice Cream. Several people have requested a recipe for Jalapeno Ice Cream so I tried to make some. For the first batch, I used raw Jalapenos, and it was not very good. The second batch was a great improvement ( I parboiled the jalapenos). This time, I also tried making it with lime sherbet which I liked better than the ice cream. When you take the first few bites of the ice cream, it doesn't taste hot, but as you eat it, you can feel the heat building in your mouth. My jalapeno ice cream recipe is on the Dessert page of the All Jalapeno Dinner. If you have any recipes for Jalapeno Ice Cream, let me know. email

Jalapeno Peanut Brittle. I have also had several requests for a recipe for Jalapeno peanut brittle. Anybody have one?

Poppers. And poppers! I am always getting requests for poppers. I have put a recipe section just for Poppers. I will post all the popper recipes that I receive. There are two popper recipes that I like. One is for the Cowboy Poppers, where the jalapenos are cooked on the grill. I posted a page about Cowboy Poppers along with the Cowboy Pepper Grill. The other poppers that I like the ones made by Mariano's restaurant in Arlington, Texas. They stuff the jalapeno peppers with a chicken mixture, bread them, then deep-fry them. They serve a guacamole dipping sauce to go with the poppers. This is the popper to judge all other against. email

Pickled Jalapenos. I've had many requests for recipes for making pickled jalapenos like you see in the

Note: I have posted several recipes for pickled jalapenos on the Preserving recipe page. .

Jalapeno Freezing and Preserving. I'm also getting requests from the gardeners who have bumper crops of jalapenos this year and want to know how to freeze or preserve them. If you do freeze them, how are you using them after they are thawed? Also, has anyone made the poppers, then frozen them, so you can just take them from the freezer and cook? email

I have never grown jalapenos in my garden. I usually grow New Mexico Joe Parker peppers that I can dry. Next year I think I will grow as many varieties of peppers as I can. But I will have to fight for space in the garden with husband and his tomatoes.

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