Tales From Texas Tables

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This cookbook makes a perfect gift for the cook or"foodie" on your list.
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Note From Carol Blakely
Author of Tales From Texas Tables

This cookbook has been selling strongly in the big book stores and I've gotten lots of nice comments about the recipes (one lady said the biscuit recipe was the best one she'd ever used). I will sign all copies purchased from the Jalapeno Cafe.

The book will be signed by the Author.

An unusual terrain of climate and cultures resulted in one of the most complex and delicious mixtures of foods in the world. This book tells about the roots of Texas cooking. It includes recipes from old Texas cookbooks and unrecorded recipes passed down from one generation of Texans to another. Recipes include dill pickles, tea cakes, kolaches, German potato salad, poke salad, gumbo soup, chicken-fried steak, calabacitas, and chocolate fudge cake. Yum!

Author Carol Blakely, who grew up in Dallas, had her first success at cooking at age nine with an orange cake she baked from scratch. By the time she was eleven, she was preparing a complete Sunday dinner for her large family. As a teen-ager, she started collecting recipes and cookbooks, keeping notes on cooking and the stories behind the recipes. She has continued her hobby, sharing her love of cooking with her three children and husband. Texas and Southwestern dishes have remained her favorites. In the late 1990s, she turned to the Internet to share her hobby on her website, The Jalapeño Café.

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