Brag Book.

From: gargoyle

I just spent the last hour and a half cruising around
your site and it's links. Had to bookmark it so I can come back for
more. I really like it, it's one of the best i've seen. I love chilis,
and REALLY LOVE ARIZONA!! So it was nice to find so much about BOTH on
the same site. Good stuff. I'll come back often. Thanx for the great
site. Arayna North Bend, Ore

Subject: Jalapeno Cafe
WindWard Enterprises, Inc.
Greetings from Texas!

I enjoy your website so much, I just had to write a note to thank
you. It is the first place I visit when wanting to find recipes with
chiles or just looking for links to find info. on growing, etc chiles.
Hopefully soon I will be able to contribute some information or a
recipe too.
Thanks again for a GREAT WEBSITE!!
Best regards,
Jeffrey G. Klote

From: Drew Vactor The Tack Room
Kewl Page(s)! Liked the animated "Cafe" and music.
We serve Chili Rellenos with our Filet Mignon and use New Mexico
"Ristras" in our Wild West Beef Stack - see URL below.
-- Drew Vactor E mail Drew Vactor
The Tack Room at Vactor Ranch
7300 E. Vactor Ranch Trail
Tucson, Arizona 85715
Fax: 520-296-0464
The Tack Room


It's terrific!!! I love chiles of all kinds - your website is creative - I love the floating chiles and of course the recipes - keep up the good work - Is the Jalapeno Cafe a real place? Thanks

From: Doug Barron
Beautiful Web Page. The best I have found. I live in Georgia
and it is nice have this come to our area. I have a friend
humming along with the song while I type. I love the West.
You have made my day! Good Luck and Thanks
again. Doug Barron

From: "Jake Elkins"
Hello,I've just found your website and want you to
know how fantastic I think it is!
What a great job you've done!
I have sent your URL to friends
over the world. Your site is an excellent
way to let others know a little of the
southwest flavor.
Yummy site!
Thanks for all the hard work.
Jake Elkins

From: g&c bates
the whole lot is FANTASTIC i am a chillie junkie...keep up the good work

From: Jérôme LAURENT
Hi !
I'm from Paris (France), and congratulations for your amazing pages !!!

From: dolgowi

Fantastic, definitely 4 strands and one Yippee-Yi-Yo-Kiyay.


Just wanted to let you know what a great site this is.
It is one of the most unique sites I've encountered!!!
I have passed it along to some friends.........
Thanks, Ashley G.

From: Vince Teachout

I laughed my buns off, and that takes a big laugh! Good work!

From: (Deborah Moore)

this was the cutest thing i have seen and heard
so far. that little song made me and my
husband laugh. it is great. i have no suggestions for you.
you seem to have a creative imagination all on your own.
good luck

Lennie White : I Think this has to be one of the best sites that
I have been on. Great links not to mention the music.
Every time I enter your web page amd the music starts my cay
MIKO comes running in to see the pictures of Cuervo.
Please keep me in up to date on new things happening on the page ( like
I am not here when ever I get on the net ). I am from MA and love
cooking and eating chili ( or as my friend tell me chilli but what do
they know ). Keep up the good work. Thanks for bringing a smile to my
face after a long day.

Cathi Steiger Just browing and came across your page...COOL!!!!!!!

Howdy You All,
Just a short note to tell you "GREAT WEB PAGE". I love the Chili and
the Iguana too.
Thanks for a great page.
James C. Sides

From: : I found your site in links to other cooking
sites and from there I found lots
of other links. I'll be sending some chile recipes soon. Thanks again for a great site.

From:"Albert Schramm"
Nowadays, it takes one hell of a website to make an impression, let alone
snap one wide awake. Yours is tops (the Taj Mahal, the Coliseum; the Louvre
Museum). Thanks for sharing it with me. Albert Schramm

From: "Jake Elkins"
I am so glad to have found your page again! *laughing*
Every time I crash and have to reload Windows I lose your address
and have to go find you again.
*LOL* I should put you in my email address book!
I wanted you to know that I think your page is great! I've posted your
URL to various friends around the country, and in Mexico, to show
them some of what you have done.
Thanks for the fine, fun, beautiful page! Lotta work in it, and it deserves a lotta appreciation!

From: "Linda"
Just wanted to let you know that I stopped to visit your website this
morning! I really love your site, especially the animated images. So many
chili recipes and links to other chili recipe sites. You did a wonderful
job at putting the page together!

Hey there,
Your page is getting a lot better. I really like the improvements. If
you don't mind, I'd like to use your page as an example in a class on HTML I may be teaching in Jan. Would you mind?

From: Mary Ching Organization: Administrative Concepts
Great job- keep up the good work- how about the "Yellow Rose" as well?

We loved the page, the recipes, the links, and especially the music.
Great job.
Tammy and Justin

From: "Larry Hazen"
all i can say is this site is STUNNING!!!!!!

From: Carl Rambo
Yours is the grandest I have seen todate.
Love the music and design.

From: "Michael R. Thomas-"
This an excellent site and I will be showing to many others. WELL DONE!

From: "Sandy Stepp"
You have one of the best designed pages I have seen in my short time of
surfing. It is real enjoyable. Love it.

I stumbled upon your site and it is GREAT! All you need is Gene Autry singing
the Red River Valley tune. Thanks for the recipies!

From: Millie Winham

From: "Scott Mitchell
Hey, I just visited your page for the first time, and I wanted to let you know I
loved the animation and the music! What a great idea and a great way to
grab your viewer's attention.

Scott Mitchell

Absolutely terrific! Best recipes I've seen on the web. (Of course, I do
have a passion for chiles and chili.)

From: "Elizabeth M. Marshall"
What a wonderful website!!!! Thank you so much for the creativity, the
great links, the fabulous recipes, and the feel of the great southwest!
Elizabeth Marshall (fka/Tilden)

Subject: nice site!
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 1998
loved strolling along your trail. Fun site. Thanks for the ride.

From: "giselda lok"
What a wonderful web site! Great recipes and the music was really
good. I loved all of the recipes glad I ran across your site. Keep up
the good work, will go back and visit soon. I will also refer this page
to my friends! Excellento!

From: (Nancy Hall)
Great, Great, display of originality. Love it.
Beautiful music, sounds like Lukenbac, Texas with Willy and Wallen.
In today`s politically correct society !!!!! This ~~~~~~, is
the way it use to be, come on lets all be cowboys,cowgirls not
' Happy Trails to you all ~~~, Popeye,Nana and Gizmo

From Nell Kidd
I love it! The music and animation OUTSTANDING!

From: Netha
I have to tell you that I seldom take the time out to Email people and tell them how impressed I am with their site, but yours is the tops!!!!! I've actually decided to make it my initial page when I boot up. Take care and all the best--- Netha M. Canepa

subject: THANKS!

From: Linda Montoya
I am on my way to Hatch New Mexico to pick their world famous Green Chilie. I was looking for a recipie for Pickled Jalapenos. Now I guess I need to pick more than my usual 80lbs of Green chilie. Found many fantastic recipies. I love (homemade) pickled Jalapeno peppers. The canned ones are too mushy. I will be busy the next few days canning and gaining weight by trying some of the great sounding recipies on your AMAZING web page! Thanks again!

From: George Perry

I have been using Jalapeno Cafe as my window to the world of chili and chiles. I've given your website address to everyone I know that appreciates Hot Stuff. Thanks again for a great site, its truly a public service.

Jalapeno Cafe