The Cowboy Way By Kimball Lewis

From up in Alaska on down to the Pecos, From Carson Nevada and down south to Waco, There's a notion that how tall you sit in the saddle is what land you own or how many cattle It suffices to say that you can't place much stock in what a man has or what he has not. It's not how you rope and it's not how you ride. What matters the most is what's deep inside. When the day's work is done is the day really over ? have you taken the time to reach out to another ? When your chores are all done and the horses are fed, And your headin' on up to the house and your bed, If you feel that you've given your all and your best, And you find that when you lay down you can rest. If you still close a deal with the shake of a hand, And all your pards say that " he rides for the brand ". No matter the work that you do for a livin, If what matters most is the spirit of giving. Then it's time to realize that as of today, Your livin your life " The Real Cowboy Way" Not for reprint without permission <!-- BEGIN LINKEXCHANGE CODE -->
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