Cold Fusion


I have included Cold Fusion as part of multi-media web skills for two reasons:

  1. The web designer I talked to mentioned it twice during the interview.
  2. Allaire, the company that developed Cold Fusion has been purchased by Macromedia. With Macromedia behind the product, we are sure to start seeing it even more.

Cold Fusion has its own HTML-like language called Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML). Cold Fusion derives its power from CFML and the Application Server, another Cold Fusion Feature. The Application Server attaches transparently to a Web server and intercepts requests for Web Pages. If the page contains CFML tags, the Application Server processess them, generates HTML, and then sends the page on to the Server.

If you have a Web Server, Cold Fusion and a fair amount of HTML savvy, you can quickly and easily create Web applications rather than mere Web pages.

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