To Flash or not to Flash, that is the question.


Using Flash on a web page can make the page come alive and stand out over the hundreds of pages a viewer sees everyday. Animation is fun and the special effects can be amazing. But on some web sites I have visited, the Flash presentation is so overwhelming, that I forget about the product the site is trying to sell. Another down side of Flash, is the "loading, loading, loading" wait for the animation to start.

Here are my picks for a good and a bad Flash site and the reasons why. The best and one of my all time favorites is Coca Cola . When you view this site, you never lose sight of the product. The designers have used color, images and music to enchance the famous Coke image. This is a Flash page done well.

For a bad Flash Page, I have chosen Villa Mt Eden Winery. This site is annoying in that every time you go to another option, it has to load all over again. Also, the wine bottle labels are not shown. It would seem to me that an image of the bottle's label would be important. Winneries spend a huge amount of money developing the labels so they are easily identified with the product. The label should be displayed on this site.

I am taking a class in Flash this summer and I'm looking forward to learning this software. I like to make animations in Director and Fireworks so I know Flash will be fun, but I hope I will use restraint when using it on web pages.

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