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Three Step Chili

Dontated by Mark ( Marcus ) Shlosberg

Named by my 11 year old son. He claims you only get 3 steps after you eat this chili before it catches up to you. That is a LIE! You can get 5 steps if you walk fast

 2 lb lean beef cubed
 2 med onions chopped
 1 15 oz jar Nopalitos cactus) diced { reserve the liquid }
 1 14 oz diced tomatoes (drained )
 4 14 oz cans kidney beans ( drained & rinsed ) 
 1/4 cup chili powder (Recipe in Rubs)
 1 beef boullion cube
   black pepper
   garlic powder

After cubing the beef, rinse lightly in cold water and put in Heavy 6 quart pot with a tight fitting lid, sprinkle meat with salt, peper & garlic powder to taste, toss to coat meat evenly, cover and let stand at room temprature for about 15 minutes to marinate. Disolve the beef bouliion cube in one cup boiling water, and add to the reserved liquid from the nopalitos. After marinating, place meat over High heat and cook until just done. DO NOT BROWN stirring constantly to prevent sticking, reduce temperature to medium, and add onions and boullion mixture. Cover & simmer 10 minutes until the onions are just soft. Add tomatoes, nopalitos and chili powder. Cover again and simmer 30 minutes, add beans and a little water if necessary to prevent scorching. Cover and simmer another 30 minutes. Adjust seasonings to taste. Reduce heat to low cover and simmer another 30 minutes or until meat is tender. ENJOY!



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